Although its still my Instagram handle, it was time to move on to a more original name for this blog. So, after a great deal of thought, Kamath’s Blog is now Level 5 - Level 5 (or L5) is the top level of the self-driving automotive standard. A L5 car is supposed to be capable of fully autonomous control without ANY human intervention. While I tend to agree with what Rodney Brooks has to say about L5 cars, I think L5 robots are certainly a possibility in a much nearer future. Over the last year I have realized how much I like building/programming as a hobby rather than only as a profession. I intend to keep building, now with achieving Level 5 as a goal. Finally, the new name also signifies a new chapter for this blog, as I move on to bigger and better projects starting from 2021.

For the final month of 2020, I am currently at the final stages of the Jetracer2/Jetbot2 project and I expect to finish (software, documentation and demo) by Christmas. Meanwhile I am also working on finishing the rest of this website so that I can officialy share it with my professional network. Soon afer that, I also plan on applying for the Jetson AI Specialist certification from NVidia’s Deep Learning Institute, before enjoying a well-deserved week off.

For the new year, I have the following goals:

  • Build and program a ROS2 robot (with multiple sensors - odometry, stereo vision, a 2D LiDAR, an IMU and GPS). I also plan on implementing advanced behavioral features using the ROS2 navigation stack (Nav2)
  • Design, fabricate and solder my first PCB for the ROS2 robot - maybe in the form of a HAT or pHAT for the Raspberry Pi 4.

As to whether I achieve these goals, only time will tell. For now, back to finishing the Jetbot2: