More micro-ROS Examples

using udp4 and multiserial transports

This weekend, I worked on some more micro-ROS examples. This was much more fun than last time because I had a working Arduino environment and a tried and tested workflow for building and testing micro-ROS applications. By this time, I also had an extensive list of resources (bookmarks/notes) to go... [Read More]

First steps with micro-ROS

using micro_ros_arduino and serial transport

This week I experimented with the Arduino Portenta H7, the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect, and the RPi Pico board, and tried micro-ROS examples with ROS2 Galactic. My goal was to implement a structured workflow for building and testing micro-ROS applications using these devices on Windows 10. Unfortunately, this proved to... [Read More]

AKROS(2) Teensy Update

and planning the next build

I finally got some extra time thanks to a long weekend, so I decided to bring the AKROS robot out of its box and make some upgrades. Last week, I received two Cytron MDD3A dual motor drivers which are compatible with the Teensy 4.1 Expansion board as I wanted. My... [Read More]