One day build - Jetbot Loader

Assembly and setup with ROS

Turns out I’m much more productive on long weekends, so here’s another post. A few months ago, while looking for some components online, I found the micro:Maqueen Mechanic Loader module. It’s a neat little metallic loader module powered by a metal servo motor. I thought it would be perfect for... [Read More]

Holonomic robot build update

Setting up the OAK-D and RPLidar

Since the last update, I have been waiting on acrylic parts for the OAK-D camera and the OAK-D itself. The OpenCV AI Kit - Depth (OAK-D) is a spatial-AI camera with a RGB and stereo cameras with on-board mono/stereo inferencing. After a few delays, apparently due to Brexit, the camera... [Read More]